Hi, I’m Kasey Crabtree, an individual like many, who is just trying to learn more about myself while enjoying life.  I made a goal to have this blog up for my birthday, December 19, 2009 and met that goal.  Now the blog is evolving…

I was a long-time radio DJ and still love the idea of DJs being musical mentors, but as the technology has changed, so has the method of delivery.  I have also been a sales and promotion/marketing person all of my life, whether I held a title to that effect or not.  But, for me, the best type of selling is solving, and I like to help solve problems for people, or at least offer them something to think about or learn from.

I plan to incorporate more musical reviews and insights on this blog, as well as discussions about social media,  self-discovery, and staying strong through difficult situations.  These seem to be my areas of passion and experience!

Please comment, and if you’re a blogger,  leave me your link so I can follow your blog as well.  You can find me on Twitter almost ANY hour of the day or night (I’m still pretty nocturnal) @KaseyCrabtree

Write ON!


2 responses

22 04 2010

I remember watching Kasey hosting tables at the WVIZ PBS Auction over the years. Kasey is very nice during those events. Hopefully Kasey is doing well

24 04 2010

Yes, I am doing well Joseph – thank you for asking. And, I hope to be a part of this year’s auction as well…. I do have to try & coordinate schedules…. Thank you again for thinking of me! 🙂

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