A Kase of…. what should I blog about?

29 10 2010

Hey friends and readers… I need your help – I want to put a greater focus to my blog and I need your feedback.  What do YOU want to read?

I started this blog almost a year ago, and I’ve been admittedly inconsistent with my posts.  I wrote as the spirit moved me, and as I could discipline myself to sit down and just do it!  I’d like to have 3 blog posts a week, and I have a couple of ideas for areas of focus:

The Social Network meets Blair Witch?

Social Media –  It is certainly my passion of the past year and has affected my life in sooo many ways.  My entire scope of friends and contacts has changed, expanded, and grown exponentially.  There’s no question I am a twitter addict – “I am powerless over twitter and my hashtags have become unmanageable.”  Yes, I DO want to put that on a T-shirt (as a run-on hashtag, btw).

I’m not a fan of people calling themselves social media “gurus” as the medium is still so new and evolving.   If we are participating on a regular basis, we all have our experiences and opinions on elements we like or dislike.

Music – I have been a music fan since I was a a pre-teen.  I think I’ve wanted to marry a rock star since I was 16 (still waiting on that one, btw).

"Rock" Music, get it?

As some of you know, I was a radio DJ for years… I did college radio in Chicago at Northwestern’s WNUR (which lead to many a club DJ gig), then I had my first “professional” on-air position when I lived in Key West, and then finally for over 10 years I was in Cleveland at Classic Rock 98.5 WNCX.  At all of these gigs I have had some wild adventures, been to some amazing concerts and had some fun pix taken.  I have a wealth of stories to draw from, as well as passion to move forward with music programming and DJ-ing in new media – I think there will be many options to provide quality music programming via the web, especially as wi-fi comes to cars.

I also want to keep up on new releases, but I need to learn more about many of the new artists.  This would afford me the opportunity to have guest bloggers for concert and new releases reviews, and possible interviews as they become available.

So what do you think?  What should I cover in my blog?  Are there things you don’t want to read?  Would you be interested in being a guest blogger?

And a final note – these pictures were taken during one of my recent walks.  I used found objects for all of them; I can’t help but think that the “Social Media” pic is a little like The Social Network meets Blair Witch…  What would you have thought when you found that left on a sidewalk around Halloween??  A message written in acorns and twigs ?  hmmm….



5 responses

29 10 2010
Dave Cunix

What is uniquely you? My guess would be the music. What did you learn as a DJ that helps you cut through the crap? What is really new, kind of new, or just the same old shit? You may have more insight into that. I was listening to Mark Goodman on XM last night. He had just played the One Eskimo song, Kandi, and he gave a brief history of the song. Just amazing radio.
You know this stuff. You lived it. You could write it. I’d read that.

29 10 2010
Jeff Krestel

I became a fan of yours for the exact reason that Dave just mentioned in the above column. I thought that you were the best DJ on NCX because of all the little bits of detail, or stories behind the music. The one that sticks out in my mind is one of the more short but informative insights about “Smoke on the Water.” Some idiot shot off a flare gun inside a casino. Brilliant! I had heard that song a million times, and never picked that up! Thank you for the time that you spent on the air, and my vote is to read some of what you know about music. But if you’re going to blog 3 times a week, you can mix social media in at any time.

29 10 2010

Jeff, thanks so much for your feedback. I sooo appreciate all the listeners and fans I’ve had over the years and I really hope to be back on the air (even if it’s via the internet) sometime soon. As you’re probably aware, the landscape of Cleveland radio is about to go through another big transition; I’m not sure how that’s going to play out but we’ll see. For me, the radio DJs I grew up with were musical mentors. As terrestrial radio has become more corporate, it became nearly impossible to be a musical mentor. I believe there IS an audience and a DESIRE for quality music programming, presented by a LIVE, real person in an intelligent and creative format. In the meantime, I may try and share some of that info via this blog! 🙂 Thanks again for your support!

30 10 2010

what do I want to read?

I want to read a blog that is written by a person who doesn’t apologize for their feelings, that doesn’t hold back their opinions, and can move me in some way.

Music is the soundtrack to life. What does your soundtrack sound like?

Life has a funny way of giving us various experiences in life, what are yours? Why are they important? And why do you detractors suck?

As the sleeping said, Don’t Hold Back [http://youtu.be/RK-s-HFZtzo]

1 11 2010
rae schiff

those signs from yr walk are friggin’ amazin’.
yr blog should be about music, yr cool stories related to it because it’s clear this is where yr passion lives. write from the heart and yr words will soar and add some music!!!

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