Story arc… or It’s a Wonderful Life

29 12 2009

This blogging thing requires more discipline than I thought…. I have lots of ideas in my head… some of them get down on paper, but from the paper to the laptop to the blog post can be a long walk.  Along that walk this week I kept thinking about the various story arcs that have existed and are still existing in my life.

There is a LOT of transition going on in my life now, and a lot of unknowns.  It can be scary – I’ve been out of work 9 months now, and the wolves are at the door.  Meanwhile, I am finding out more and more about myself in this time of transition, and sometimes it just makes me wonder how I fit into the world.  Where do I belong?  What is my contribution? What’s my “calling” in life?  These can be unsettling questions, which is why I was so happy I had the chance to watch one of my fav Christmas movies in the past week, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Hopefully you have seen the film.  Although it was released in 1946, and people have been watching it religiously since, I only really started watching it in the past 10 years.  I have to give credit to my ex-husband for turning me on to the film.  I think he may have gotten a completely different message from it, because for me, it has an amazing spiritual message of acceptance an affirmation.  Please watch it sometime; the story may be set at Christmas time but the message is timeless…. we just don’t know the power of what our good deeds may do over time.

In case you haven’t seen the film…

Lead character George Bailey’s life is not glamorous.  He has missed out on many of the things he thought he wanted to do with life (college, world travel, exploration) but all throughout his life, his actions have been based on what seemed like the next right thing to do, even if he may have seemingly “lost” an opportunity at the time.   His apparent reward is a wife who adores him, four loving kids and an old drafty house.   When a seemingly insurmountable business problem comes up, he thinks the world would have been better off without him, so he is ready to jump off a bridge.  It is then that “Clarence”, his guardian angel, jumps in the water before George does, knowing that George will jump in to try to save him instead.

The really amazing part is what happens after that:  George, still in his full pity party, comments that the world would be better off if he had never been born, and Clarence allows George to have that experience – to see what the world would be like if George had never been born.  Needless to say, there are all kinds of things – from the little to the big, George had done which in turn had a huge effect on others.  Because George saved his brother from drowning as a child, his brother grew up and became a war hero, saving numerous lives.  If George hadn’t saved his brother, his brother wouldn’t have been there to save these other people, and so on.

Every time I see the film it gives me faith that ALL we do; what ALL of us do; can be of significance. (Pretty existential stuff for 1946!)   What an empowering feeling!  It gets me out of my pity party.  It also reminds me that what I struggle with today, may very likely be the seeds of tomorrow’s success.  I may just be in the middle of my story arc.  Quite frankly, if I hadn’t been laid off, I never would have had the time to learn social media; and highly unlikely that I would have begun blogging.

I would like to invite you to come along with me through this current story arc, and hopefully the ones that follow.  So despite my challenges of this year, and the ones that lay ahead, I hope I can continue to look around me and enjoy the moment.  Because, after all, it may just be a Wonderful Life!



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29 12 2009
adam-throwing quarters

How poignant and reassuring. We never know what lies ahead. We never know what we are meant to do until it happens. Keep your chin up and I’m sure a wolf hunter will help when you least expect it.

29 12 2009
Sean Williams

Kasey – old Klingon proverb comes to mind: “What does not kill me makes me stronger.”

You’re still alive.

Thanks for the encouraging post!

29 12 2009
Vodka Logic

Great post.. and yes more discipline than I realized too but so well worth it. And what wonderful people I have met because of blogging.. you, Adam, Jenn and so many others.

Life sucks sometimes but the adventures ahead do make it exciting… hopefully.

And George Bailey is one of my all time faves.. I love Jimmy Stewart

30 12 2009

I love that movie and haven’t been able to find time to watch it this year. Thanks for the great blog post.

31 12 2009

So, what was the ex’s take on it?

9 01 2010
Mark W. Schumann

I used to like that movie a lot, until my Dr pointed out that the ending still sucks. George still has way too much responsibility for what he gets out of it. He’s getting paid next to nothing for working constantly at the building & loan so everyone else can prosper.

That happy scene at the end with all the money? WTF! We’re supposed to think it’s happy ending just because our guy doesn’t go to prison for something he didn’t do? That’s success?

And figure this, all the friends who came up with the necessary $8,000 are eventually going to need it back, so George still has to figure out what to do about that. Or maybe they don’t ask for it back, but then it means they were all personally ripped off by Potter, who still has the money he stole.

Have I ruined it for you yet? 🙂

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